An interesting twist on the old classic Pacman


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Not Pacman is a new version of the classic Pacman, and while it shares a lot in common with this giant from Namco, its gameplay is quite different. In this version, you don't control pacman, you control the map, rotating it either way to make the character fall whichever way you like.

This means that any time you tilt the stage left, both the yellow hero and the ghosts roll left, and the same happens if you tilt the stage right. The goal of the game is the same, to eat all the dots without getting caught by ghost. However, the type of challenge is very different.

The game's graphics are the same as the original. While they might be outdated, it would seem just wrong if it were anything else.

Not Pacman is a very entertaining game that goes beyond a simple novelty to offer a fun game to play, that requires just a little skill and patience
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